Business Financing for Selling or Purchasing


 Possible Business  Financing for Sales or Purchases

 I am in touch with a local firm specializing in financing for business transitions

 The Short Version . . .

  • Full service financing facilitator & consultantbusiness financing
  • Facilitator of both debt and equity capital
  • Maximize loan-to-value for debt financing to reduce purchaser’s equity requirement
  • Sound financial/financing advice
  • Strategic planning and creative financing strategies

Business Financing Summary

LendCo finds financing for businesses and business purchases. Their experience in debt and equity markets allows them to strategically structure financing packages to minimize a purchaser’s equity and reduce the overall financing costs in buying a business.

This firm is a business and financing facilitator operating in Calgary Alberta with financing partners throughout Canada and the USA.

Their principal consultant is a former Senior Lender/Banker with experience in a wide spectrum of lending and financial structuring

They have access to over 100 banks, lenders, institutions and funds. This gives them the ability to structure up to 100% financing for the right deal and business purchaser.

 LendCo is based out of Calgary and able to work with clients and partners all over Alberta

Financing is available for all industries/businesses (diversified). They may also be able to secure real estate financing.

Their approach & Methodology

 LendCo starts with a Strategic Planning Review

    • Review existing information
    • Undertake a 1 hour planning session with participation from the consultant & client
    • Develop a business financing strategy to meet both immediate and long term goals
  1. Financial Model & Scenarios
    • They work with client to craft a 36-month Financial Model that projects the Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet of the business to be purchased
    • Use the model to test different financing scenarios
  2. Discovery Questionnaire
    • The client will be provided a questionnaire outlining key specifics the consultant needs to complete the financing plan
  3. Financing package and review
    • Consultant will craft a 10-20 page financing package including: The Company, Market, Strategy, Operations, Management, Financial Projections and Financing Request
    • If the client is satisfied the consultant will present, the package to the best financing options
  4. Term sheet presentation
    • The Consultant will provide the client with a few different options based on different lenders and the client has the final say regarding who they would like to go with
  5. Financier decision and path to approval
    • Once a financier is selected there is always some back and forth prior to the final approval, but 95% of term sheets result in approvals with little change
  6. Financing approval
    • Financing will be approved and the bank will coordinate with the Borrower’s lawyers to complete the necessary documents
  7. Purchase the business
    • Start the dream with an optimal financial structure
    • Financing will be approved and the bank will coordinate with the Borrower’s lawyers to complete the necessary documents
  8. Purchase the business
    • Start the dream with an optimal financial structure

LendCo’s Ideal Client

  •  Anyone planning to purchase a business (whether it’s your first or 10th)
  • Business seller looking to exit and would like the added benefit of having the financing setup for a potential buyer
  • Family business: Transitioning the business to the next generation while being able to pull out capital for the seller’s retirement planning
  • Inter-company transition: senior employee is taking over ownership
  • Business looking to re-capitalize: Injection of capital to clean-up payables, payroll, working capital, etc

Interested? Next steps:

1. Email (click here) Contact Details and best times to call
2. Phone discussion
3. Referral to lender
4. Meeting with lender
5. Discussions that may lead to financing


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