Helping Buyers Find and Buy an Alberta Business

Buyer Brokerage

I will help you find and buy an Alberta business

Our economy has put pressure on firms to consider strategic consolidation. This can be either the purchase of a competitor or somebody selling a different product or service but to the same customers as you do.

Buy an Alberta business

I will work to find an Alberta business on a target-by-target basis contacting their decision makers.

I’ve spent a lot of years honing a reputation for honest dealing. This reputation and experience can often get me past the gatekeepers. They know that when I say I have someone wanting to buy an Alberta business, that there is a live buyer behind me.

Then, once I am in contact with the target firm’s decision makers, I can sound out interest while soothing the fear any potential target will have about exposing their secrets.

Their interest in selling is often enhanced to learn that the buyer will be paying my fees.

Arithmetically this leads to the same transaction cost for the buyer since the seller does not have to build my fees into his price.

But emotionally, this comfort is a great plus to a seller. And the buyer has the comfort of knowing I can’t show to the firm to a competing buyer.

Just as when I have been engaged by a seller, there are no fees for my services unless we strike a deal with a seller that results in a completed transaction. Then my fees are the same as those when I am acting for sellers.

I will need to be assured that any buyer engaging my services has the resources and authority in place to complete any contemplated deal.

I may also be able to point you towards lenders should you need financing.

My fees for buyer brokerage are the same as when I am acting for Sellers. I only get paid for success. No up front money or retainer is required.

Here is a link to our DraftBuyerCommissionAgreement

Please call or email me to discuss your particular needs.


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David Page | An Alberta Business Broker