Our History with Alberta Private Business

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A short history of how working with Alberta private business got us to where we are today

This is the short story of how we became one of Alberta’s best known brokerage firms providing solid a service for Alberta private business.

I love Alberta private businesses and the people who own them. I understand how folks who ‘only get to eat what they drag home’ develop a different mindset and worldview from those who rely on a steady pay cheque. It’s a totally different life being the person who instead signs the pay cheques and ensures they arrive on time and without question.

Alberta private businessIn the late 60’s, I spent my student summers on a seismic crew surveying  in the bush and muskeg from an old Nodwell.

Back then, my dream was owning the hardware store in Sundre. Sometime after I graduated from the University of Calgary, I had a meeting with the old Macleod’s Stores about buying their store in Innisfail.

Instead I became a stockbroker with Merrill Lynch and ended up as Vice President Investments with Prudential Bache, the investment arm of the ‘Rock’.

Many of my clients were  successful owners of Alberta private business. They taught me a lot.

Finally, in 1990, on the day I paid off our mortgage, my wife let me open my first business. I couldn’t find a hardware store so I founded what became a successful specialty retail chain.

Do you remember The Wine Mine in Calgary? That was me.

I remember the early days when the total take could be less than a couple of dollars but always from more than a single customer.  I had a talent to entice folks into our new store to check us out.

I had built the business up to seven stores doing well into 7 figures when, about ten years later, a big national chain knocked on my door and bought me out.

Since then I’ve bought and sold many other businesses either as a principal or as a business broker.

My experiences here are a great help in making ‘square deals’ for all parties to the transaction. Call me when you are ready to move and I’ll make it happen.

Alberta private business . . . it’s what I love. It’s what I do.

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David Page | An Alberta Business Broker